Info for Buyers from Denise’s Blog

What Happens to Earnest Money When Making an Offer?

What happens to Earnest Money when I make an offer? Will  I get my money back if I  don’t buy the house? These two questions are the most common questions I get asked when buyers are ready to make an offer on a home in Iowa City. Writing the check is never the issue. It […]

Why You Should Get Pre-Approved Before Looking at Homes

Why do you need to get pre-approved for a home loan before you go looking at houses? The best reason for buyers to get pre-approved before looking at homes is that it just makes sense for buyers to know what they can afford before they get into proper buying mode. Most buyers are a little […]

Downsizing Your Home – What to Do with Your Stuff

My last post talked about the challenges involved in downsizing. The first and biggest challenge facing anyone downsizing is what to do with all your stuff. The whole point of downsizing is to move to a smaller house or condo. It follows that with less space you also need less stuff. I’m working on this myself […]

Downsizing Your Home – Where Do you Start?

Downsizing is Easier with a Plan Real Estate is always personal to me. Today’s post is more personal than usual as I consider the prospect of downsizing. Not that I’m ready to think about buying my next home yet, but I am ready to start planning my move. The methodical approach works much better for […]